What type of jewelry do you sell?

We sell 18 Karat Gold-filled, 14 Karat Gold-filled, 10 Karat Gold-filled and Sterling Silver. Gold-filled is made of solid sheets of solid gold that is soldered onto another metal; the other metal is there to give the extra added weight and strength. Because gold is the only thing to touch your skin, we guarantee it to never tarnish. We provide excellent customer service and only the highest quality jewelry.

What is gold-filled and why is it the next best thing to solid gold?

Gold-filled wire is made from a solid gold tube filled with other metal alloys. All chains are made from wire. Gold-filled wears like solid gold because of its outer layers. 

What are the advantages of Gold-filled?

Gold-filled has been referred to as the 'Gold of the Future" because it offers all the same physical characteristics as solid gold such as beauty, durability, and strength, but at a fraction of the cost. Since the gold is on the outer layers it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between solid gold and gold-filled, except when it comes to the cost.

How is Gold-filled made?

Gold-filled is made by fusing layers of Karat Gold to a suitable supporting metal (or alloy) using equipment that carefully controls pressure, heat and time. The bond produced is a permanent one.

How long will Gold-filled Jewelry last?

The point to remember is that gold, along with its other unique qualities, is virtually indestructible. Since, by law, you are guaranteed a substantial layer of gold on your gold-filled jewelry, with care it will last a lifetime.

Is Gold-filled jewelry costume jewelry?

The layer of gold in gold-filled is substantially thicker than the traditional electroplated jewelry. Gold-filled jewelry is fine jewelry that never goes out of style and can be worn stylishly with all types of fashion.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain its true beauty. Salt water, chlorine in swimming pools, soap and perspiration take their toll on all fine jewelry so therefore should be cleaned off. Wipe your jewelry carefully with a soft cloth to keep it clean and free of these elements which can oxidize.